Different Types of Roti

Different Types of Roti

Roti is a round flatbread made from the dough made of wheat flour and water.
Roti is consumed in many countries.

Indians are the largest consumer of roti in whole world.

Infact, India is the country where roti is a part of daily meal of majority of people.
And the more amazing thing is that there is a variety of different types of roti is been prepared in our country.

Here, in this blog I am going to share with you guys 33 different types of roti prepared in India.

1. Akki Roti

Akki roti is a popular dish from Karnataka, Also known as ‘Pathiri’ by the people of Karnataka.

In Kannad ‘Akki’ means rice.

Akki roti is made using rice flour, grated vegetables & spices.

2. Thepla


Thepla is a very popular dish from Gujarat cuisine.
Many of you would already know this.

Thepla is made with methi, wheat flour and species.

Basically this roti has a longer self life compared to other rotis.

3. Padvali Roti

This is a traditional gujarati roti. And is usually prepared during mango season to enjoy with Aam Ka Ras.

These rotis are very thin and are cooked only on tawa.

These rotis are cooked in pairs and this makes them different from others.

4. Tikkar Rajasthani Roti

tikkar roti

Tikkar is a mouth-watering delicacy from rajasthan.

This rotis is made of wheat and maize flour.

You can serve this roti with curd,chutney or achaar.

5. Makhani roti | Mughalai roti

mughalai roti

Mughalai roti is popularly from Uttar Pradesh.

This roti is flavoured with butter and freshly crushed black pepper.

This wheat roti is perfect to serve with any of your favourite vegetable.

6. Chapati


“Chapati” is nothing but an Indian name for “Roti”.

Chapati is also known as Shabaati, Phulka and Roshi.

It is very easy to make them and it can be served with any sabzi,chutney and pickle.

7. Thalipeeth


Thalipeeth is a traditional Maharashtrian type of chapati which is made from a mix of flours like bajra, rice, chickpea & jowar flour.

Not exactly the same but a similar type of roti is also popular in Gujarat.

8. Naan

Most famous roti across the world. I never forget to order naan whenever I visit the restaurant.

Tandoori naan is made from maida. I love to eat with gravy dishes like butter paneer.

Share in comment how you like to eat this.

9. Ragi Roti


Ragi roti is the most popular dish in southern India, it is also called ‘Ragi Adai’.

It is made from veggies, spices, chillies & onion.

10. Aloo Paratha

aloo paratha

Aloo paratha is a most famous dish throughout western, central and northern regions of India.

It is also a famous food of Punjab.

I like to eat aloo paratha with Lassi. ‘Spicy + Sweet’ Amazing combination.

11. Poori


You can eat poori as a breakfast, as a snack or as a light meal.

Poori is made from unleavened whole-wheat flour.

You can serve it with bhaji or with a savoury curry.

Puri-Bhaji combination is best.

Poori with shrikhand is also the best combination.

12. Appam


Appam originated from south India.

Appam is a common food in Kerala, Sri Lanka & Tamil Nadu.

Appam is made from fermented rice batter & coconut milk. It is a type of pancake.

Most of the people eat Appam for breakfast & dinner.

13. Moong Dal Chilla | Cheela

moong dal chilla

Moong dal chilla is nothing but paratha made with moong dal and wheat flour.

Moong dal chillas can be made either crisp or soft.

You can serve Moong dal chilla with green chutney or tomato ketchup.

14. Makki ki Roti

makki ki roti recipe

Makki ki roti is primarily eaten in Punjab. Still its most famous in all over indian.

You all must have heard something like “Makki di roti & Sarson ka Saag”.

Do you want to know the meaning of Makki di roti? It means “Bread of Maize” or roti made from corn batter.

15. Amritsari Kulcha

Amritsari kulcha is typically consumed with chole masala or chana masala.

Amritsari kulcha is perfect to eat for breakfast, lunch or dinner.

In Punjab people eat kulcha with plain raita or mint raita or even with simple mango pickle.

16. Sheermal


Sheermal or shirmal is a saffron-flavoured traditional flatbread from Greater Iran.

This dish was introduced to north India by Mughal emperors.

17. Rumali Roti

rumali roti

The meaning of rumal means handkerchief so the meaning of rumali roti means handkerchief bread.

Rumali roti is one of the most famous foods which is not only made at home but also most ordered roti in restaurants.

18. Tandoori roti

Tandoori roti is made from wheat flour.

Tandoori roti is considered healthier food than naan.

It is light and served with veggies.

19. Missi roti

missi roti

Missi roti is popular in punjab. I remember my punjabi friend used to bring this roti in tiffin with pickle.

This roti is made using wheat and gram flour dough spiced with other masalas.

This roti is made during the winters in tandoor or clay oven.

20. Jowar roti

Jowar roti is made from jowar flour.

Jowar ki roti is the most famous type of roti and is also most consumed roti in the western parts of India.

Lot’s of people ask if we can eat jowar roti on a daily basis & the simple answer is YES.

21. Phulka roti

Phulka roti is part of daily meals of a lots of indian.

Phulka is made with wheat flour and is in the form of a flatbread which is very soft, puffed up and oil-free.

22. Sabudana roti | Sabudana Thalipeeth

Sabudana Roti

As the name suggests Sabudana roti is nothing but roti made of sabudana,potato and spices.

Sabudana thalipeeth are crisp and soft pancakes.

Using this roti is prepared in fasting.

23. Bajra Roti

bajra bhakri

Bajra roti is made from bajra flour.

You can serve Bajra Ki Roti with gravy based sabji like baingan masala & bhindi masala.

Bajra flour is made by grinding the Bajra grains.

24. Ragi roti

ragi roti

Ragi roti is a breakfast food of the state of Karnataka.

It’s most popular in the rural areas of Southern Karnataka.

Ragi roti is made from ragi flour.

25. Khasta roti

 Khasta roti is made from whole wheat flour, cumin and ghee.

The word “khasta” means `flaky and crisp`.

The crispness in the roti is accompanied by softness too.

26. Dibba roti

dibba roti

 Dibba roti isa  popular Andhra pradesh dish.

The term dibba in telugu means “ thick or fat”.

This roti is made with urad dal, rice and species.

27. Kuttu Ki Roti | Kuttu Ka Paratha

Kuttu ki Roti

Kuttu ki roti made with buckwheat flour and mashed potatoes.

This roti is usually made during navratri fasting.

As per fasting rules, the ingredients are selected for this roti.

28. Gur Ki Roti | Jaggery roti

Gur ki roti or jaggery is a very easy to prepare and tasty roti variety. 

Mostly, gur ki roti is prepared in homes of punjab.

This roti is also known as “meethi roti”.

29. Rajgira roti

rajgira roti

Rajgira Roti is prepared using Amaranth / Rajgira flour.

Typically prepared during fasting festivals like Navratri, Ekadashi, Mahashivratri, etc.

This paratha is also very healthy for the body.

30. Lauki thepla

lauki thepla

Lauki thepla as the name suggests is made of lauki (bottle gourd).

If one is bored of eating the same time of paratha. So, here is an option of lauki thepla.

This thepla is very easy to make and is tasty too.

31. Mooli Paratha

mooli paratha

Mooli paratha is another variety of paratha from punjab.

It is usually served with curd, pickle and butter.

This exotic stuffed paratha is very good in taste.

32. Neer Dosa

Neer Dosa

North India preferred wheat roti most for the meal but, in contrast to that if we talk of south, there people preferred rice more over roti.

So, neer dosa is a roti of rich batter.

It literally means water dosa.

33. Chokha rotla

Chokha rotla

Gujaratis call Chokha rotla the rice roti.

This rotla is totally made from rice flour.

This rotla is made using hands only without rolling it like common rotis.


Writing this blog was super interesting, I got to know many other types of rotis other than our regular roti or chapatti.

I am definitely going to try all this variety of rotis soon.

You guys also let me know in comment section how many types of roti you have tried till now.

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