Most Popular Indian Foods

Most Popular Indian Foods: from 29 States

Only three things moves around the mind of foodies

Do you like having new dishes?

Of course your answer will be yes, Who don’t like it?

If you are planning to visit any of our Indian state then, here is the detailed information of popular foods of India.

Wait i had also shared some extra information in my blog.

Are you guys excited to know??

So, along with popular food dishes you will also get to know how to say “how are you ” in different state languages. Interesting or not?

Let’s start with Gujarat.

1. Gujarat



Gujarat is a state full of culture and tradition. Khaman is among one of the most loved snack of Gujarat. This is a must try snack for everyone.

It is made from channa dal. It is cooked in two flavours “tikha” and “meetha” from it my favourite is tikha khaman (jalaram khaman) which is yours?

Jalebi Fafda

fafada jalebi

Jalebi fafda is most preferred morning breakfast in Gujarat. Fafda is rectangle in shape and yellowish in colour. It is eaten with chutney and fried chilis but, people
Prefer it most with jalebi.

Jalebi is a circle shaped sweet. It is made of maida with little besan and yogurt in it. It is fried in oil or ghee as per liking. Then, it is soaked in sugar syrup for few minutes to make it Juices.

How are you in Gujarati

Tame Kem Chho?

2. Punjab

Chole Bhature

chole bhature

Chole Bhature is one of the most popular Indian Food. People of Punjab are known for their open heart. Chole Bhature is originally from Punjab but, it is loved by almost everyone.

Even ,it is served as street food in Delhi.

If you have not tried it yet then, you missed an amazing food dish.

Makke di Roti and Sarson ka Saag

Makke di roti name itself suggest roti made of corn flour. Makke de roti is specialty of punjab.

This is rotis are generally made during winter and is accompanied with sarson ka saag.

Sarson ka saag is made of mustard greens along with some species like ginger and garlic.

Makke di roti and Sarson ka saag is a perfect meal for any Punjabi to enjoy.

How are you in Punjabi

Tusi kivem ho?

3. Rajasthan

Dal Baati Churma

dal bati churma

Rajasthan is a state of colours and species. This famous dish from Rajasthan
needs no introduction,as it comes under most Popular Indian Foods.

Dal is prepared using Tuvaar dal, chana dal, moth dal or any dal of your choice and baati is a hard wheat rolls. Special cooker is available in the market to
Make baati.



Kachori is another specialty of rajasthan. This is among the most loved snack of indians.

Rajasthan offers variety of kachoris like pyaaz kachori, aloo ki kachori, mava achori, moong dal ki kachori.

Do tell me which of them you have tried.

Kachori is made of maida and its stuffing includes your choice of vegetables but, most people prefer aloo stuffing.

It is usually served with green chitney or meethi chutney. Some people also eat it with yogurt.

How are you in Rajasthan

kikan ho sa?

4. Haryana

Bajara Khichri

bajra khichadi

Haryana comes under one of wealthiest states of Indian.

We all know that bajara is very good for human bodies.

Bajara kichri is made with soaked bajra and moong dal in a pressure cooker.

Kachri Ki Chutney

kachri ki chutney

This is one of the most popular foods of haryana. Kachri is commony found in state.

It is a wild variety of cucumber resembled with small brown colored lemon.

It is even consumed as sabzi by adding some potato and other vegetables to it.

As a chutney it can be preserved for a month in refrigerator in an air tight container.

How are you in Haryanvi

Ke haal se?

5. Maharashtra

Vada Pav

vada pav

Vada pav also known as “bombay burger” is one the most loved Indian snacks.

People prefer it as there morning breakfast in their busy lives. Also, it is the most loved and popular Indian food.

The invent of Vada pav was so unusual.

One street vendor who used to sell batata vada ,one day decides to experiment with his dish and started selling Vada by keeping it in pav and it was loved so much by the public.

Pav Bhaji

pav bhaji

Pav bhaji is a fast food dish from Maharashtra.

Bhaji is made of thick vegetable curry, vegetable can be any of your choice and is served with soft pav.

Pav bhaji is loved by almost everyone.

People usually keep pav bhaji as meal in birthday Parties in India.

How are you in Marathi

Tu Kasa Ahesa?

6. Himachal Pradesh


Himacha pradesh being blessed with fresh air to breath is also famous for its food flavours.

Babru is a himachal’s variation of kachoris. It’s stuffing is made of soaked ground black daal paste.

Himachal word also reminds me the song himachal wali ,haye oh tikhi wali ,hehe!! 😂😂

Do this happens with you also?

How are you in Himachal

Tusi Kendhe Si?

7. Kerala



Appam is among one of my favourite south Indian breakfasts.

These fluffy pancakes are specialty of Kerala.

It’s made from soaked and grinded rice by adding some curd to it.

It’s served with Coconut chutney.

How are you in Kerala


8. Ladakh

Butter Tea

butter tea

If you are fond of riding bike then, ladakh is best place for you.

It’s among the best vacation spot for teenagers in India.

Butter tea is a traditional beverages of himalayan regions .

In ladakh this tea is also known as “gur-gur chai”.

Tea lovers do not miss this tea if you are in ladakh.

How are you in Ladakh

Khamzang in a ley?

9. Madhya Pradesh

Poha and Jalebi

Madhya pradesh is particularly famous for its khajuraho temples which depicts the ancient India’s Kama sutra temple.

I visited there with my family and my overall experience was very good.

There you will find Poha and jalebi stalls near every roadsides.  

M.P‘s poha is also known as indori poha and is popular all over India.

Poha and jalebi are perfect combination of spice and sweet for breakfast .

10. Manipur

Chak-Hao Kheer

chak hao kheer

People of manipur are famous for there singing and dancing skills.

Chak-hao kheer is the famous dessert of Manipur.

It is made using milk, rice and cardamom powder.

It gives the shade of purple.

How are you in Manipur

Noong-Ngai-Biribra Adomba

11. Uttar Pradesh



Uttar Pradesh is at the heart of Indian. It is also seen as state of Nawabs.

Kebabs are specialty of U.P and is loved by every Indian. It is a delicious and popular snack cum starter.

It is made using mixed vegetables like carrot, potato, peas, cabbage or any vegetable of  your choice.



You all have heard about “Agra Ke Petha”.  

Petha is another famous dish from agra city of uttar pradesh.

It is made of pumpkin by soaking it in water for two to three days and then cooked in flavoured sugar syrup to give it a colour.

It is available in varieties of flavors like chocolate, kesar, paan ,etc.

How are you in U.P

Ka Haal Ba?

12. Bihar

Litti Chokha

litti chokha

Litti chokha is the healthy and yummiest dish of Bihar.

I still remember it was my 1st cooking competition and me and my group members decided to make litti chokha and we got 1st prize.

Littis dripping with pure ghee is served with bangan and aloo ka chokha.

Pani Puri

pani puri

We all love pani puri but, how many of you know about its origin?

It is believed that pani puri (phulkis) first originated in Magadh in south Bihar.

Pani puri is among most loved and most popular  street foods in India. Usually ,it is served with two flavor water.

At many places people sell pani puri with 7 to 8 different flavor water.

How are you in Bihar

Sab Kushal Mangal?

13. Tamil Nadu

Masala Dosa

masala dhosa

Dosa is well known breakfast not only in tamil  but, all over the country.

It is served with sambhar and coconut chutney.

There used to be one south indian girl in our class and she used to bring dosa or idli, almost everday in her tiffin and we used to eat up her tiffin.

Aah ! those school memories.

Do you miss your school friends and those golden days?

How are you in Tamil

Ninkal Eppati Irukkirirkal?

14. Telengana/Andhra Pradesh



Hyderabad biryani is popular all over the country. If you are an Indian you must have tried it. For unique flavour it is cooked in an earthen pot, slowly and carefully.

It is made of rice, vegetables and meat. But, if you are a vegetarian you can avoid using meat.

How are you in Andhra Pradesh

Elaa Vunnaaru

15. Jammu & Kashmir

Dum Aloo

dum aloo

Kashmir is known as “heaven on earth”.

If you planning an foreign trip and you have yet not visited kashmir then, I suggest you should first explore  Kashmir it is such a beautiful place.

Dum aloo is origin of kashmir and is also the most popular Indian dish.

Initially it was consumed by kashmiri Pandits.

It is made using small size patotoes with species in a yogurt based gravy.

How are you in J&K

Chh Gindkhe Me Sethein?

16. Assam

Aloo Pitika

aloo pitika

It is known as the comfort food of assam. It is loved by all of assamese.

It is made of rice and dal with some mashed patotoes and onion along with some species.

Assam version of Aloo pitika is so simple and flavousome.

How are you in Assam

Apunar Ke Khaubur?

17. Sikkim



If you are a momos lover then you must known that sikkim is the origin of momos. 

Momos are prepared in two way i.e steamed momos and boiled Momos.

Momos are made using maida and are stuffed with grinded cabbage along with some species and is served with momo chutney or schezwan chutney.

18. Tripura



It is a traditional dish of tripura prepared by boiling some  sun dried rice with ginger,onion and ghee.

It is cooked in banana leaf by making a cone shape using leaf and by tying it tightly.

19. West Bengal

Alu Bhaate

Alu Bhate

 The name of the dish itself gives us bengali sound. Alu bhaate is the popular  dish of west Bengal prepared using potato and rice.

Boiled and mashed potatoes are mixed to the boiled rice along with some chopped chillies and onions. 

The final outcome is super delicious.

How are you in W.B

Apani Kemana Achena?

20. Uttarakhand

Garhwal Ka Fannah

garhwal ka funnah

If you are diet conscious then, don’t worry here is a dish for you.

Garhwal Ka Fannah is considered as staple diet in Mussoorie.

This dish is made of kulad dal.

You will found it in every restaurant or corner of uttarakhand.

21. Jharkhand



Mappua is a desi pancake which is usually made in every household on the occasion of holi.

Actually it is part of bihar tradition and now  jharkhand.

It is a sweet dish and so it is specially made on occasions.

How are you in Jharkhand

Ki Kari Chi?

22. Meghalaya



If you are planning a trip to meghalaya . Then, here is a must try dish
for you “jodoh”.

It is most popular dish from the land of hills, jadoh rice. It is made with rice and pork mixed vegetables and species.

How are you in Meghalaya

Phi long Kumno?

23. Mizoram

Koat Pitha

koat pitha

This is essentially a fried dish. Koat pitha is very popular among mizo people.

It is made using rice flour and bananas by adding some jaggery to it.

It looks crispy from outside but soft and warm from inside.

24. Karnataka



Allugedda is famous karnataka dish. It is served as a side dish with dosa or rice.

It is made of mashed potatoes with some tomato, onion and black gram.

These looks round in shape.

Medu Vada

medu vada

Medu vada is a most loved snack from Karnataka.

It is served along with sambhar as morning breakfast in almost every part of the country.

Medu vada is made in a doughnut shape,with crispy exterior and soft interior.
It is made of urad dal and rice.

How are you in Karnataka

Nivu Hegiddiri

25. Odisha

Chhena Poda

chenna poda

Odisha has a rich heritage of dance and music.

It is popular in India for it’s Chhau dance.

But, along with this Odisha is also Famous for its food cuisine.

Chhena Poda is odisha’s famous sweet dish made of cottage cheese and semokina combined with sugar syrup.

This dessert is baked for hours to bring the distinct flavour.

How are you in Odisha

Kemiti Accha?

26. Chhattisgarh



Chhattisgarh is a state which produce staple crops like Rice, Bajra, Jawar.

Chhattisgarh has its unique food cuisine.

Aamat is speciality of Chhattisgarh.

This dish is prepared with mixed vegetables along with ginger and garlic.

This dish is prepared
in bamboo to bring the unique flavor of ingredients.

27. Arunachal Pradesh



Arunchal Pradesh is one of north eastern states of India.

People of Arunachal pradesh are popular for preferring more of boiled or smoked food instead fried food.

Apong is just another name for rice beer.

It is one of the traditional
Drink of Arunachal people.

It is prepared at home and it’s chemical Free.

28. Nagaland



Not many people know about nagaland. I am one of those.

I have never visited Nagaland personally but, had heard of it’s healthy

Hinkejvu comes under one of the healthy dishes of Nagaland.

It is made of  colocasia,shredded cabbage leaves and some french beans.

This dish comes under daily meal of Naga people.

How are you in Nagaland

Kinika Ase?

29. Goa

Goan Cashew Curry (Kaju Curry)

goan cashew nut curry

Goa is popular for its beaches, parties and holidays.

Along with this Goa’s cashew is also popular all around the country.

Goan cashew curry is a healthy and most popular Indian food.

It is made by roasting cashew and by mixing tomato,onion and tamarind gravy.

This dish is full of vitamins, minerals and energy.

How Are You in Goa

Ko Shem Asa?

30. Delhi


Delhi Chaat

No doubt ! Indian chaat foods has its own popularity in all over the world.

Delhi is famous for it street food. Delhi is a combination of various cultures and tradition and the same is it’s food .

If you are an Indian then ,the word chaat itself will make you feel mouth watering. Chaat is something which is liked by everyone.

Delhi’s chandni chowk is the best place for street chaat.

In marriages also my favourite cornor is chaat corner.


I am sure I am gonna try at least 5-6 dishes after writing this blog.

It was so fun knowing about popular dishes of our Indian states and yeah do write in the comment section how to say “How Are You” in your own mother tongue and do share with me your favourite dish name.

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