Indian Cooking Hacks

30 Indian Cooking Hacks

We all love hacks because with hacks we can do apparently complex work in a simple way. 

Imagine how easy your life will be, if you get to know some important cooking hacks.

You will be able to save a lot of your time, energy and money.

Here, in this blog I’m going to share with you all  30 easy and smart cooking hacks for your kitchen.

1. Clean tough stains

Tough stains have always been a problem for every kitchen.

So, here is the best way to clean this stain.

You all must be having baking powder in your kitchen.

Take some of it and mix it with vinegar(lemon juice) and make a paste. 

Apply it on the surface you want to clean and leave it to dry for 12-15 hours. Then, wipe it with a wet cloth.

2. Mint, coriander and curry leaves

Mint, coriander and curry leaves are the all time needed ingredients in any kitchen.

Now, the problem is how to preserve them for a long period.

The solution is to store it in an airtight container in the fridge so that it lasts longer.

3. Bananas

Banana hack

I personally like this hack a lot.

Previously bananas used to spoil in just 2-3 days in our home and then, i came to know about this hack from somewhere and guess what it really works.

Remove bananas from the bunch and cover the end or the bananas with plastic wrap and your banana will not spoil till a week.

4. Refrigerator Odour

Many times it happens that a strange odour comes from our refrigerator or from the waste bin.

You can put the tea bag in them to remove the odour.

5. Puris

fry puri

There is a hack for puris also.

Refrigerate your puris for 10-15 minutes before frying to ensure that they are not greasy and rise well before you put them in hot oil.

6. Pizza hack

pizza hack

If you do not want your reheated pizza to go dry, place a cup of water along with pizza in the oven while reheating.

7. Lemon Juice

If you want your lemon to be more juicy.

Microwave it for 10-20 seconds to get more juice from it and that too easily.

8. Onion

onion hack

You know that for making onion caramelize( brownish or crispy) also there is a hack.

Add a pinch of salt to it to make it caramelize quickly.

9. Mixer Blades

If your mixer blades are no more sharp then, don’t worry there is a hack for you.

Grind some salt in a grinder and it will make the blades sharper.

10. Ice Formation Problem

Salt is used for many cooking hacks.

So, if you are tired with the problem of ice formation in your fridge, then don’t worry, salt is there for you.

Rub some salt to the inside of the freezer to prevent the ice formation.

11. Brass And Copper Utensils

If you use brass and copper utensils then, this hack is specially for you.

Polish this utensils with tamarind for excellent shine.

12. Soft Roti Hack

rumali roti

Who doesn’t like eating soft roti or chapati.

The hack for making soft roti is to add some milk to the dough while kneading. 

And, there is one more secret:cook your chapatis on high flame to ensure they remain soft for long hours.

13. Chillies

By hearing the word chilli itself one can imagine the spiciness.

You know you can reduce the heat in chilli by just removing the seeds from it.

14. Tasty Dosa Hack

fiber rich oats dosa

Everyone loves eating Dosa.

What if your plain dosa tastes more yummier than before.

There is a hack for it, grind a handful of shallots and add it into the dosa batter and believe me it will make your dosas more tastier than before.

15. Remove Dirt From Vegetable

This is a much needed hack in this corona pandemic.

You can remove all the dirt and pesticide from vegetables by simply soaking them in water added with baking soda.

16. Burns

While cooking, many times we got small burns on our hands.

You can simply apply some toothpaste on the burnt for healing and it really works.

17. Potatoes

potato hacks

In a fast moving world, we want everything to be done fast.

Why not peel the potato skin fast? 

For peeling the potato skin quickly just boil them and then put them in an ice bath.

18. Sliced Potato

You can keep your sliced potato white by putting them in a bowl full of cold water.

19. Rust on Iron

To protect your iron thing from rust formation you can apply some oil coating on it.

This hack will work for your iron knife or any other iron thing in your kitchen.

20. Garlic Flakes

Peel the garlic flakes

We have heard many times that one should do smart work, not hard work.

So, to peel the garlic flakes easily, you just need to chop the top and bottom end of the clove and microwave it for 10-20 seconds. 

And, here it is done.

21. Cutting Board

There is a hack to keep your cutting board clean and odour free.

Scrub your cutting board with salt and apply some lime to clean it and it will help to remove the odour also.

22. Ice Cream Serving Hack

We all know ice cream melts very quickly at room temperature.

So, if there is a party in your house I suggest you use a knife for cutting rather than using scooping. Use this tip only if you have to serve 6-8 persons.

For a smaller group, using scooping will be a better option.

23. Dental Floss

For cutting anything like cake, cheese and other soft solid use dental floss.

24. Baking Soda Is Still Good to Use or Not

To check if the baking soda is still good to use or not , mix a tbsp of it in hot water. 

And, if it still bubbles then it is still good. And, if not then replace it.

25. Kiwi

You can peel the kiwi easily with the help of a spoon.

26. Stale Bread

You can bring life back to stale bread kept in the refrigerator by simply steaming it for 30 seconds.

27. If Onion Goes Too Brown

What if the onions go too brown while caramelizing it?

Do one thing simply put an ice cube in it. With this the water will evaporate quickly and the onion will not caramelize further.

28. Save Fresh Herbs

You can save fresh herbs for later use by simply freezing it in water or olive oil in an ice tray.

And, after that whenever you want you can take out that ice cube and use it after it melts.

29. Warm a Plate of Food In An Oven

To warm a plate of food uniformly in a microwave or oven, you can place the food in doughnut shape without keeping anything in the center.

30. Hang sponges dry

Wet things catch bacteria quickly compared to dry.

After using scrubs or sponges like things, hang them to dry. It will reduce the germs and bacteria formation.


Hacks are very important in life to make things easy and to save our energy. So, in this blog I have shared 30 Indian cooking hacks for your kitchen.

Just try them and see how few things can be done quickly . And, if you know any other hacks apart from this, do share with me in the comment section.

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