Indian Breakfast For Diabetics

Indian Breakfast For Diabetics

Breakfast is a very important part of one’s daily routine.

Skipping breakfast is not at all good for anyone’s health; it doesn’t matter whether the person is fully fit or is sick.

And, when we talk of a diabetic patient it is very important for them to take their breakfast on time.

Now, the question arises:

What should a diabetic patients have for their breakfast?

Low Glycemic index fruit and low carb food should be the focus for diabetic meals. More fiber is good for their body.

So, here is the list of top 12 healthy breakfast for diabetics patients.

1. Moong Dal or Besan Chilla

moong dal chilla

Besan chilla is a good breakfast option because besan is high in protein and fiber which is good for diabetes patients.

It is gluten free too.

 And, this breakfast recipe is very easy to cook and is also light for tummy.

2. Methi Paratha

Methi Paratha

For a diabetic patient it is very important their sugar level remains under control.

Methi paratha is very healthy and effective

breakfast to control blood sugar and body weight.

Just make sure that you use vegetable oil for parathas and not refined oil.

3. Sprouts


Pulses are always good for health. They are high in protein and rich in fiber and help in controlling blood pressure.

Mix your sprouts with chopped tomato and cucumber, sprinkle some salt and add 1 tbsp lemon juice and there you have it. 

A healthy and yummy breakfast.

4. Multigrain Idlis

Multigrain Idlis

As we all know Idlis are steamed, so it doesn’t require oil.

Multigrain Idli gives the energy of multi-grains like jowar, oats, methi seeds, whole wheat and quinoa.

Add veggies of your choice like carrot,onion or soaked lentils to enrich the taste as well as nutrition.

5. Cottage cheese Paratha

cottage cheese paratha

Cottage cheese is the best choice for diabetics breakfast.

Go for fat-free cottage cheese and make a multigrain morning parathas for breakfast.

Cottage cheese paratha is also known as pizza paratha.

This is a very tasty breakfast option.

6. Oats Methi Khakhra & Salsa

Oats Methi Khakhra Salsa

As we discussed above, methi is very good for health and the body. So, methi khakhra is also a very good breakfast option.

Methi Khakhra is a light breakfast choice and one can enjoy this with salsa salad.

One can store methi khakhra and can have it anytime in a day.

7. Daibetic Tea

cinnamon tea

For tea lovers, here is a healthy tea option for you.

Simple Cinnamon tea in the morning is a good option. Cinnamon gives a lovely flavour to hot water.

Make this tea with little milk and healthy spices.

8. Khaman


Before you choose any food for diabetic patients you need to see that it does not contain trans-fat and it should be low in carbohydrates.

So, khaman is not only tasty breakfast but, it also helps regulate blood pressure and control blood sugar levels.

9. Karela Thepla

karela thepla

Karela is very beneficial for health and body. It is a good source of potassium.

Like methi thepla, you can also make karela thepla.

This recipe can be made with peels of karela and whole wheat flour or you can also use bajra flour. 

Karela juice is also a healthy choice for a diabetic patient.

10. Oats Upma

Oats upma is a meal itself. It has oats in it which are rich in fiber. 

Upma can be cooked along with veggies like onion, carrot and green peas.

Upma is a very simple and easy recipe to make for breakfast.

Less oil is recommended in making this recipe.

11. Dosa

fiber rich oats dosa

Many people have this query whether dosa can be eaten in breakfast by diabetic patients or nor ?

And, the answer is Yes. 

But make sure that you do not use regular rice for dosa batter. 

Use fiber rich oats dosa batter which is gluten free and is a good source of protein also.

You can add veggies of your choice also into the batter to make them more interesting to have.

12. Healthy pancakes

Chana dal pancakes are a very good breakfast option because the high fiber content in dal allows slow release of glucose into the bloodstream and manages your blood sugar level.

You can also try green peas pancake with moong dal to enhance the fiber and protein content.

But, NOTE one thing : refined flour should not be used in diabetics breakfast.


Here, in this blog, I have shared a list of 12 healthy breakfast for diabetics patients. Try these diabetic-friendly foods and let us know how you liked it in the comment section.

If you feel anyone would need to know this, do share with them.

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