Learn Cooking Indian Cuisine

How to Learn Cooking Indian Cuisine

You are here because you are willing to learn cooking. And, I really appreciate your dedication.

I assure you that this blog is really going to help you with your question of how to start cooking from the beginning.

Indian cooking is the easiest of all and there you don’t need a particular technique.

The one proven and tested way to learn cooking good food is trying and failing and then again trying. Yes, this is true. You can’t learn cooking by just watching and reading recipes.

It’s not like that the one who makes delicious food is a born cook. Everyone learns at the beginning. I know many of my friends who started cooking after their marriages and now they really cook well.

If I talk about myself I started cooking after 12th and now I’m really good at it.

What I observed in my years of cooking is that our food  becomes more tastier if it is cooked with whole heart and love.

So, here is the step by step guide to learn how to cook Indian food from the beginning.

1. First, Make Sure That You Are Really Willing To Learn Cooking

Not, only for cooking but if you want to start learning anything new, it is very important that you are actually willing to learn that thing.

If you have decided to learn cooking by someone’s influence or you got inspired by any good chef’s story then you know that this motivation will not last longer.

At the end your food will taste delicious only when you will cook it with love.

2. Gather The Important Tools

Important Kitchen Tools

Everyone must have these important tools in their kitchen:

Good knives:

For cutting vegetables and fruits we will be needing sharp knives in our kitchen.

Make sure that your knife  is sharp because if it is blunt or dull then it will take much of your time in cutting.


Now, for cooking you will be needing a pan. I would suggest you invest in non-stick or stainless. It will cost more but it will also last longer.

Buy one pressure cooker also, as it will make it easy for you to cook rice and dal in a less time.

Blending device:

Whether it is mini prep blender or food processor, having one will help you with preparing various sauces like tomato puree, onion puree, etc

3. Gather The Common Ingredients

Common Ingredients

There are some common ingredients which I bet every Indian housewife has in their kitchen.

So, you must start gathering all those ingredients in your kitchen.

Those Ingredients Are:

Almost all the dishes have a mix of these common ingredients.

4. Buy a Good Beginner Cookbook or Watch Easy Video Recipe

Indian Cookbook

Before making the dish in actual you can first read the recipe from some good cook book or else you can go for a video recipe.

Believe me it will really help at the time cooking that dish.

And, by watching the recipe you can also do the pre preparation like making all the ingredients ready before cooking.

This will really save your time searching things while cooking.

5. Choose Simple Dish at First

If you are a beginner and know’s nothing about cooking then, I suggest you start with a simple and easy recipe.

Because making those recipes will give you more motivation to try more recipes.

I would suggest you should first cook simple rice, after that you can try jeera rice and after that masala rice.

masala rice

Believe me after preparing these simple recipes you will feel more motivated and which is required.

To learn to make these simple recipes you can take help of your mother, friend or youtube videos.

6. Try Making Your Favourite Dishes

Okay, you’ve tried an easy recipe at first. Now, it’s time to try some of your favourite dishes.

Hey! Don’t worry if you don’t know how to cook it. Just sit, relax and pop open YouTube! seriously ! 

It is the ultimate resource for learning and all you have to do is search your favourite recipe and you will get many good and easy recipe suggestions. Watch them and try.

Remember one thing, only trying will make you a good cook. So, just keeping on trying.

And here is something more for you. I will also share with you guys some tips that will really help you.

Tips on Cutting & Peeling:

Tips On Frying:

Tips For Gravy:

Tips on Cooking:


Don’t fear and just experiment.

You will be an expert soon.

With time you will find it easier and easier to cook new dishes.

Just remember that cooking with your whole heart will make the dish more tastier.

So, if this blog was useful for you, do share with me in the comment section.

You can also watch some easy recipes on my youtube channel “Proper foodiee”.

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