Different Types of Roti

Different Types of Roti

Different Types of Roti Roti is a round flatbread made from the dough made of wheat flour and water. Roti is consumed in many countries. Indians are the largest consumer of roti in whole world. Infact, India is the country where roti is a part of daily meal of majority of people. And the more … Read more

Pizza Dosa

Cheesy Pizza Dosa

Pizza Dosa We all love to have variation in our regular food then, why not in our regular dosa? Pizza dosa is a unique fusion recipe made with a traditional south Indian dosa batter with a topping like pizza above it with a lots of cheese. You can even compare this recipe with the uttapam … Read more

Cheese Ball

Potato Cheese Ball Recipe

Cheese Ball Recipe There are some people who love salty, and some who are fans of sweet food and then come those who are obsessed with cheese. I come in those. Infact, I am in that stage of my life where I can’t imagine a day without cheese and I know I’m not the only … Read more