Best Foods To Eat During Period


15 Best Foods To Eat During Periods So, are the mood swings unbearable now? Same is with the cramps and bloating? Periods symptoms are sometimes very uncomfortable and very intolerable. Have you ever wondered why these symptoms show up more extreme form one month, but next it’s all so much easier to handle ? If … Read more

How to Learn Cooking Indian Cuisine

Learn Cooking Indian Cuisine

How To Learn Cooking Indian Cuisine You are here because you are willing to learn cooking. And, I really appreciate your dedication. I assure you that this blog is really going to help you with your question of how to start cooking from the beginning. Indian cooking is the easiest of all and there you … Read more

30 Indian Cooking Hacks

Indian Cooking Hacks

30 Indian Cooking Hacks We all love hacks because with hacks we can do apparently complex work in a simple way. Imagine how easy your life will be, if you get to know some important cooking hacks. You will be able to save a lot of your time, energy and money. Here, in this blog … Read more

Pizza Dosa

Cheesy Pizza Dosa

Pizza Dosa We all love to have variation in our regular food then, why not in our regular dosa? Pizza dosa is a unique fusion recipe made with a traditional south Indian dosa batter with a topping like pizza above it with a lots of cheese. You can even compare this recipe with the uttapam … Read more

Biscuit Cake

Happy Happy Biscut Cake Recipe

Biscuit Cake One thing that almost every household has tried this quarantine is cake. Biscuit cake was the one recipe that was trending on youtube as people were really interested in making cake at home by themselves. While writing this blog one incident is coming to my mind. Few days before I visited a pharmaceutical … Read more