About Us

Proper Foodiee will provide you with all the recipes as per your demand including snacks, drinks, cuisine in detail. Here, you will get my own dishes which I made in my own home style. People usually avoid trying new dish at home due to lack of avilable ingredients at home. We will try to make recipes with available ingredients and will also give hacks of substituting one thing for other. For instance suppose ,you need bread crumbs for your recipe but you didn’t have it at your home so, here You can use mashed kurkure aur toast as a substitute. In this way substitute help in recipes.

My Story

What happened with my ambition , I don’t want this to happen with any one else. Hello! My name is Bhavana Mali. I am a food blogger and a homechef. I could be a Chef but, my one step changed my whole story. After my higher secondary like any Other student I also went for my bachelor’s degree without focusing on my passion I took admission in my b.com college. In 1st year of my college I realised that my passion is Cooking but, by that time I was late. I was good in studies also so continued with my Studies. But, imagine if instead of b.com I would have taken admission in hotel management or any other cooking institute then, probably I will be enjoying my life more than now. So, if you are also in school and looking forward for your further studies then before that make sure what actually is your Dream life and then take any decision. Right now after bachelor’s I cannot go for 3 year’s of hotel management course. Because, now I have some responsibilities towards my family also. But, it’s never too late now I have started doing all the things that matter to me. Proper foodiee is my way of enjoying routine life. Stay connected with me on page and if you have any query then just ask me.